Hypercom Equinox Credit Card Terminal Problems

Recently, Hypercom or Equinox credit card terminals have come to their EOL or end of life, due to firmware needing to be updated, when possible.  The firmware version is no longer able to allow processing.  If the Hypercom  Equinox credit card terminal will allow for a firmware update and it takes the update, one is in the clear.  The terminal typically stops processing after a restart or power cycle.  If one receives an error it may say something like, “Security Error” or “CA signing expiration in 0 days call for service”.  Call you processor immediately to see if the firmware can be updated.  Holds times have been lengthy for all processors, as this firmware/EOL affects all providers of credit card processing.

If one has a hypercom or equinox credit card terminal, please consider upgrading to an EMV machine, unless you are a hotel/motel with a folio processing file “check in/check out”.

EMV is more secure than magnetic stripe processing, provides fraud protection for the merchant, and allows for additional forms of payments to be accepted, such as Apple pay.


If you are considering upgrading to EMV, you may consider contacting us at DonUp.  We have been using the EMV credit card terminals since 1/1/2013 and have gathered valuable experience that we can pass along to help avoid any pitfalls for your business.  We have the right EMV credit card terminal solution for your business, whether you are a retail business or a restaurant.  Give us a call at 877.651.1655 and we will help discover what EMV solution is best for your business.

What Do Our Clients Think?

Money shows up the next day.
High ticket transactions are run with no issues or holding of funds.
If an issue arises, it is handled quickly- excellent customer service.
The money we saved, pays for our delivery truck.

Alan R.Nevada

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