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Next Day

Donup Next Day Funding

Next Day Funding:  You get your credit card processing money faster with DonUp.

Accounts receivables can’t pay bills.  It has been said ‘Cash flow is King for businesses’.

Access to funds, quickly, allows you to pay overhead, such as payroll and phone services and keeps your business running smoothly.  2-7 day delays in funding of your credit card processing deposits are a thing of the past.

Ask for a next day funding, merchant account with DonUp.  DonUp merchant accounts pay you faster.  Faster deposits offer more flexibility for your business.  When sales are made, your business will get the money faster for use as you see fit.  Pay a vendor, cover payroll, or pay yourself something for your hard work.

What non-cash payments are authorized for Next Day Funding?

With this elite DonUp service, Visa, MastercCard, Discover, American Express, and electronic checks will be funded the next business day.  That is it, faster deposits for your business.

Here’s how Next Day Funding works:

  • With DonUp Next Day Funding deposits are in your bank account in as little as 8 hours.
  • Process your daily batch of transactions or have your software, gateway, or terminal automatically settle your transactions before 10 PM Eastern Time.
  • The money will be in your bank the next business morning, which is less than 8 hours from when the transactions were batched.
  • Choose your financial institution, as we can provide next day funding regardless of the bank you choose for deposits.
  • Friday’s & Saturday’s transactions will be available in your bank on Monday morning for use.

Great, is there a cost for Next Day Funding?

There is a small monthly fee ranging from $0.00 to $10.95 depending upon the processing volume for Next Day Funding.  Your processing rates and transaction fees are the same regardless if you choose 2-3 day deposits or next day funding.

Take advantage of DonUp’s elite Next Day funding.  You are worthy of faster funding for your credit card processing deposits.  For assistance with your merchant processing account, please contact us today to see how DonUp can be a better fit for your business needs and success.

With other merchant services companies taking 2-7 days for deposits, doesn’t it make sense to have DonUp pay you faster?  We believe in you and we want to help you succeed.  We understand the unique challenges that surface for businesses, and we want to make sure you get your deposits with next day funding, so that non-cash payments are not part of a cash flow challenge.

What Do Our Clients Think?

Money shows up the next day.
High ticket transactions are run with no issues or holding of funds.
If an issue arises, it is handled quickly- excellent customer service.
The money we saved, pays for our delivery truck.

Alan R.Nevada

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