Rate Lock

Rate Lock LogoDonUp is pleased to offer another elite service to our clients, lifetime RATE LOCK. The DonUp processing fees to accept credit cards are locked for the duration of your merchant account with DonUp. We don’t raise the fees up so high to cover tiered pricing and call that rate lock.
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Next Day Funding

Next Day FundingAccounts receivables can’t pay bills. It has been said ‘Cash flow is King for businesses’. Access to funds, quickly, allows you to pay overhead, such as payroll and phone services and keeps your business running smoothly. 2-7 day delays in Funding of your Credit Card processing deposits are a thing of the past.
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EquipmentEquipment is the device that interacts with a credit/debit card to produce an authorization and settlement. This can be a wired or wireless credit card terminal with or without EMV, a smartphone or tablet, virtual terminals, ecommerce gateways, or a Point-of-Sale (POS) system cloud or hardware based.
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POS Systems


  • Cloud or Ipad POS Systems are extremely cost effective and simple to use.
  • The entire Ipad solution costs about 1/4 the price of a traditional PC-based POS.
  • Uploading a menu item or inventory is extremely simple and intuitive.
  • Easy updates to specials of the day or discounts made with a simple change.
  • Employee Management tools: Time worked, Payroll, labor vs Sales.
  • Ecommerce and mobile integration into the same POS system accomplished for online and mobile device ordering.
  • Gift and Loyalty Programs integrate smoothly with real time reporting.
Traditional PC Hardware and Software systems available with robust reporting features, caller ID for delivery/Pick-up, and service to both the Restaurant and Retail industries.

Infinite Warranty

Infinite WarrantyCredit card terminals, wireless credit card terminals, pin pads, USB card readers, and mobile card readers are covered for the life of your merchant account with DonUp. That is it. All we ask is that you buy from us first, so that you get the highest quality equipment.
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Virtual Terminals

Virtual TerminalUse any internet connection to run transaction through your PC or Mac. Add a USB card reader, and you can get rid of your credit card machine for good. Virtual terminals are a credit card terminal inside of your PC or Mac. Virtual Terminals are secure and extremely cost effective with value-adds, such as card data storage, recurring billing, and ACH capabilities.

  • Virtual Merchant by Elavon: Retail, MOTO, Ecommerce , card storage, and recurring transactions.
  • NetDeposit: Retail, MOTO, and Recurring credit/debit and ACH transactions.
  • MOTO, Recurring, Ecommerce, and multiple card number storage.

Gift Cards

Gift CardsGift cards are more secure than paper and can improve new customer acquisition through a friend buying a gift card as a gift.

  • We offer free gift cards, flat rate and transaction fee, also.
  • Cards can be standard for either a free or low cost start up.
  • Complete custom packages start with only a 100 card minimum order.
  • Our gift cards work through our Cloud POS systems, too.


Rewards CardsReward your customers for their purchases and keep them coming back.

Customer loyalty and rewards programs will:

  1. Track customer spending
  2. Motivate profitable spending behavior
  3. Reward performance
  4. Measure results to know what works
  5. Identify loyal customers
Loyalty Program easy as 1,2,3. 1. Select rewards/points. Many options for rewards, such as $1 = 1 point or 1 purchase = 25 points. 2. Set up the rewards, a cup of coffee, $5, and so forth. 3. Auto rewards or open redemption, choose one.
Cards, Key Chain Cards, no cards, choose your option for your customer base. Tie a phone # to a card and use them interchangeably.

Cash To Grow

CashDonUp will never ask you to lease a credit card terminal. They are sold at fair prices for any budget. However, when you really need to grow your business and need capital, DonUp can help.
We offer merchant cash advance, equipment financing, PO/Invoice purchases, and even can set up a merchant to do their own financing. We may even help finance your commercial building purchase.
Call one of our integrity representatives today to find which program will best benefit your business.

Mobile Payments

Mobile PaymentsAre you a seasonal business or run transactions over $1500 per item or $2500 per month and need to take credit cards as payment, then our mobile payments are the solution for you. Do you have a smart phone or tablet with internet access? For apple products, attach our reader and android or blackberry use a Bluetooth reader, and now your smart phone or tablet can take credit card transactions securely.

Secure and encrypted, our mobile payments are the best in the industry. Give us a call to set up your mobile payment account, today. Maybe you have a retail business and techs in the field doing deliveries or repairs? Give us a call to find out how your entire credit card processing account can be run with one low monthly fee with unlimited users.

If you are running a higher transaction volume per month, then maybe a wireless credit card terminal with integrated debit pin pad and printer is the correct solution for you. EMV and signed receipts for more security, then a wireless credit card terminal is the right solution for you. Give one of our industry experts a call to see which mobile payment solution best suits you and your business.

Check Processing

Check ProcessingDonUp offers the most secure and efficient check guarantee and conversion processing. E-check solution offers optional check guarantee to ensure confidence in fast payment. E-Check helps you be more efficient by scanning your check and getting paid fast, avoiding going to the bank for deposits. Your check and credit card transactions on one merchant statement. Easy reconciliation on one merchant

statement; that’s the DonUp way.

What Do Our Clients Think?

Money shows up the next day.
High ticket transactions are run with no issues or holding of funds.
If an issue arises, it is handled quickly- excellent customer service.
The money we saved, pays for our delivery truck.

Alan R.Nevada

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