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Non-Profit/Charitable Organization

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How DonUp Works:

DonUp means to Donate up.  DonUp is a revolutionary new way for your non-profit to create recurring revenue streams, by partnering with passionate business owners who already donate to your non-profit organization.

We turn your existing or new business donors’ merchant accounts (credit card processing accounts) into a revenue generation stream at no expense to you or your donors. Even if you refer us to a business and we can’t save them money, we will give $250 each to both that business as well as your Non Profit Credit Cards, just for wasting your time. That is how confident we are that you will love DonUp. There are three ways to increase revenues to your non-profit organization: DonUp %, DonUp Share, and DonUps.

DonUp % or DonUp Match:

DonUp will donate and give back to your organization a specific percentage of each merchant account up to 50%!  This is called DonUp %.  For example, we agree that $10 per month will be paid back to your organization for each business using DonUp.  Assuming 100 accounts, the DonUp % would be $1,000 per month or $12,000 per year.  Imagine if your organization had 500 businesses using DonUp? The DonUp %s would be $60,000 annually.  THIS IS ONLY A SIMPLIFIED EXAMPLE.   This portion of the recurring revenues is completely customizable.

DonUp Shares:

DonUp Shares are the agreed amount paid to your organization, when a business donor begins processing their transactions with DonUp.  DonUp Shares range from $25-$100 per new account, referred by your organization.

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What Do Our Clients Think?

Money shows up the next day.
High ticket transactions are run with no issues or holding of funds.
If an issue arises, it is handled quickly- excellent customer service.
The money we saved, pays for our delivery truck.

Alan R.Nevada

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