How will interchange pricing save my business money?

How much does DonUp give to charity?

DonUp gives a minimum of 14%, and as much as 50% of profits to charitable organizations. 2012 GIVING REPORT

What merchant services does DonUp offer?

DonUp’s merchant services are powered by MLS Direct Network. MLS Direct is registered ISO of First National Bank of Omaha, Omaha NE, Chase Paymentech Solutions, LLC. MLS Direct Network is a cooperative buying network that offers “processor direct” wholesale pricing in the merchant services industry. Since members of MLS Direct are actual owners of the network, not just agents, our clients get to deal with seasoned industry veterans that know how to handle their processing needs. In fact our average member/partner has over seven years of merchant services experience. Merchant Services industry knowledge testing, industry participation for a specified length of time is required to be part of the Co-Op. MLS only allows professionals in the merchant services industry to become owners. Through MLS, DonUp is able to provide credit card processing, debit card processing, check guarantee and conversion, electronic gift and loyalty. MLS will power the majority of the DonUp POS Solution. MLS offers very low cost PCI and PCI assistance by dedicated people to ensure merchants are PCI compliant. PCI costs merchants $3.95 per month and is fully disclosed, no surprises by annual or quarterly fees. 1099 reporting is handled simply with a $0.55 per month fee or a yearly total of $6.60. MLS brings a very strong, reliable wireless credit card processing solution, eliminating additional transactions processed on the wireless network.

DonUp also uses Leap Payments a registered ISO/MSP of Elavon, US Bank N.A to provide merchant services.
Through our partnership with Leap, we provide credit card processing, debit card processing, check guarantee and conversion, electronic gift cards, loyalty programs, and merchant cash advance.  We also offer standalone gift cards, loyalty programs, text marketing, ecommerce, POS Systems, batch uploading from a membership software or gateway, and ACH processing. DonUp is able to offer no contract cancellation penalty and liberal processing for extremely high volume and high ticket merchant accounts including but not limited to travel, gun dealers, and furniture stores.

DonUp is not a processor of the transactions.

Can I choose the charity for you to donate a portion of your profits from my merchant account?

Sure, we are always looking for excellent charities to support and with whom to partner.  We are saving and changing lives by giving to organizations that support veterans, youth, families, the outdoors, and the spreading of the love of Jesus Christ.  Give us a call.

I Want to Switch, but I Have a Credit Card Processing Contract Cancellation Penalty. Does DonUp provide Credit Card Processing Contract Buyouts?

Are you under a Credit Card Processing Contract? Do you have a current credit card processing contract cancellation penalty? Do you have an ETF merchant account? ETF stands for Early Termination Fee. Early Termination Fees or Credit Card Processing Contract Cancellation Penalty have been a sore subject in the credit card processing industry. Most of this arises from ETFs going undisclosed to the merchant. Conscientious providers of credit card processing disclose ETFs. Small Business Merchant Accounts are typically taken hostage by credit card processing contract cancellation penalties, because of the surprise. Some merchant account providers argue that contract cancellation penalties protect merchants. At Donup, we believe if the ETF is disclosed and the merchant is receiving added benefits, ETFs are a positive thing for both parties. The frustration comes when merchant accounts have a penalty and the rates and fees are increased most if not all Aprils and Octobers and blamed on Visa and Mastercard. This has been the game for years in the industry, get the merchant in at a low rate, and then raise them and hide behind the contract. Check our rate lock!
DonUp provides credit card processing contract buyouts.
Yes, we can help with your current credit card processing contract cancellation.
DonUp has a standard $300 provision for Credit Card Processing Contract Buyouts on most merchant accounts. If the contract buyout is greater than $300, we will consider the credit card processing contract buyouts on each merchant account separately.
Credit Card Processing Contract Buyouts can be challenging. However, at DonUp, we believe we have a plan to assist the majority of merchant accounts. Give us a call to discuss your specific merchant account or credit card processing contract cancellation penalty and our credit card processing contract buyouts related to merchant accounts.

I have a lease on my credit card terminal, can I switch? Can I switch to DonUp? How do I get rid of my credit card terminal lease?

Yes, you can switch to DonUp, even if you leased your terminal from another company. Credit card processing companies typically are not the leasing company. We prefer other options to leasing for single credit card terminal purchases. Leasing can be a valid option for extensive hardware and terminal purchases.

So, even if you have a lease on your credit card terminal from another company, DonUp can serve your merchant account needs. Why? DonUp supports numerous credit card terminals for processing credit card transactions. Give us a call to see if your leased terminal is supported. We may be able to utilize a free placement of a credit card terminal for processing with DonUp.

Credit card terminal leases are typically a non-cancellable commercial lease, where they have a specific term and payment. It is very difficult to cancel your lease on a credit card terminal. The only way to “cancel” is to buyout the lease and return the equipment to the leasing company. We are happy to review your lease agreement. Ultimately, the leasing company that holds your credit card terminal lease will provide you the options upon your call to them.

My Terminal is not working, what do I do? My terminal is broken, what do I do?

Give us a call to troubleshoot, 877.651.1655. If the credit card terminal is broken and was purchased from DonUp, it has an Infinite warranty. Give us a call, we will get you up and running as quickly as possible.

I have no idea what I am paying for a credit card transaction? How do I know how much I am paying for a credit card transaction?

Try the gross effective rate method Total Fees/Total Volume * 100 = Some %. Still confusing, give us a call. We are happy to help.

Would you like more than gross effective rate? Give us a call. We will review your statement and make sure you are minimizing your fees.

Why is my money being held? Why are my credit card batches not being deposited? Why hasn’t my credit card settlement been deposited?

Here are a few reasons:

1.  One of your transactions has exceeded your per transaction high ticket limit, set by your processor. Typically, a signed invoice, a phone call with your customer, and financials or checking statements are required to get funding. Many ISOs auto approve without underwriting at $1000 high ticket. DonUp uses soft caps based on monthly volume.

2.  Your transactions have exceeded your high monthly volume limit, set by by your processor. High monthly limits are established by credit risk and industry type. Typically, updated financials, and an additional signer may be requested to release your money. DonUp discloses soft caps with each merchant client and works closely with clients who are growing rapidly to ensure deposits are consistent.

3.  Chargebacks have been received on the merchant account, and the processor is holding deposits until the amount of the chargeback is collected. Call your processor to figure this one out. DonUp works with clients regarding chargeback issues.

4.  Merchant fees have rejected from the prior month. Must contact processor immediately to pay the fees to have the account reinstated.

What is a Discount Rate? What is your rate?

Definition of Discount Rate:

Discount rates are typically associated with Tiered Pricing or bucket pricing where a Processor provides, most times, 3 to 4 different rates combining the interchange + DFA + mark-up. Per item fees are separate, typically. However, some times, and to the merchant’s demise, the p/I can be combined into a completely bundled rate. The terms used with bucket or tiered pricing are typically qualified, mid-qualified, non-qualified, and then each of those 3 terms with check card in front, for example, check card qualified.

Although bucket and tiered pricing looks simple, due to the fact of only a few rates, these pricing structures are typically used to hide card types. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? How does the business owner possibly have enough time to know what a qualified transaction is verses a mid-qualified transaction? So, with bucket or tiered pricing, the owner takes the processor’s word for it. If you want simple tiered pricing, why not get full card disclosure to make sure the processor is charging a fair rate. We offer tiered or bucket pricing, only if our clients prefer it and we disclose the card types to them. Transparency is the DonUp way to do business.

What Do Our Clients Think?

Money shows up the next day.
High ticket transactions are run with no issues or holding of funds.
If an issue arises, it is handled quickly- excellent customer service.
The money we saved, pays for our delivery truck.

Alan R.Nevada

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